Inclusion - Transforming Global Rights into Action

Documentation of the presentations 19 June 2010

Abschlussveranstaltung. Foto: Hans D. Beyer

Fokus session 6.1: 
Taking action to deliver inclusive education
Moderator: Ines Boban (Germany)

The development and follow-up of inclusion International's World Report on Inclusive Education
Ingrid Körner (President of Inclusion Europe, Germany); Gordon Porter (CACL, Canada)
Speech of Ingrid Körner (pdf - 637.5 KB) in German language

Inclusive education as a motor for regional change – challenges for educational policy
Ute Erdsiek-Rave (Germany)
Speech of Ute Erdsieke-Rave (pdf - 1.4 MB) in German language

Inclusive education: A parent's view
Vanessa dos Santos (South Africa)
Speech of Vanessa dos Santos (pdf - 647.8 KB) in English language

Fokussitzung 6.2: 
Working with global partners: Podium discussion
Moderator: Diane Richler (Canada)
Akiko Ito (UN Department for Economic and SocialDevelopment (DESA, chief of the Secretariat on the Convention, USA)

Renato Opertti (UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), Switzerland)
Speech of von Renato Opertti (pdf - 2 MB) in English language

Diane Richler (VPresident Inclusion International, Canada)

Fokus session 6.3: 
Achieving community living for all: How inclusion creates better communities for everybody
Moderator: Quincy Mwiya (Zambia)

Changing to community living means changing the idea of man in society
Helene Holand (NFU, Norway)

Advocating for community living as a self-advocate
Senada Halilcevic (EPSA, Croatia)
Speech of Senada Halilcevic (pdf - 118.3 KB) in English language

The role of family in achieving community living
Mariyana Branzalova (Pazardzik, Bulgaria)
Speech of Mariyana Branzalova (pdf - 554.7 KB)in English language

Fokus session 6.4: 
Moving towards supported decision making – legal aspects, experiences and the necessity for political convincing
Moderator: Michael Bach (Canada)

Changing from substitute to supported decision-making
Oliver Lewis (MDAC, Hungary)

Moving towards supported decision-making of people with intellectual disabilities: What can be done by NGO's, families and self-advocates?
J. P. Gadkari (Parivaar, India)
Speech of J. P. Gadkari (pdf - 553.9 KB) in English language

Full legal capacity for all? Challenges, obstacles and possible solutions
Klaus Lachwitz (President-elect of Inclusion International, Germany)
Speech of Klaus Lachwitz (pdf - 324 KB) in German and English language

Fokus session 6.5: 
How science and scientists can contribute to inclusion
Moderator: Tobias Buchner (Austria)

Inclusive research: challenges and chances in psychological research and the current state of research on inclusive education in Germany
Prof. Dr. Theo Klauß (Pedagogic University of Heidelberg, Germany);
Prof. Germain Weber (University of  Vienna, Austria)
Speech of Prof. Dr. Theo Klauß (pdf - 466.2 KB) in German language
Speech 2 of Prof. Dr. Klauß (pdf - 227.4 KB) in German language
Speech of Prof. Germain Weber (pdf - 503.7 KB) in German language

Inclusion from the perspective of  Disability Studies
Dr. Ursula Naue (Austria)
Speech of Dr. Ursula Naue (pdf - 518.1 KB) in German language

What does research teach us about inclusion?
Eric Emerson (IASSID, United Kingdom)
Speech of Eric Emerson (pdf - 522.7 KB) in English language

Fokus session 6.6: 
Implementing the UN Convention at regional and local level
Moderator: Ramona Günther (Germany)

The project „BRIDGE“ of Lebenshilfe Baden-Württemberg
Sandra Fietkau; Stephan Kurzenberger (Lebenshilfe Baden-Württemberg, Germany)
Speech of Sandra Fietkau and Stephan Kurzenberger (pdf - 893.4 KB) in German language

The "Inclusion project " of the Lebenshilfe Sachsen
Beate Kursitza-Graf (Lebenshilfe Sachsen, Germany)
Speech of Beate Kursitza-Graf (pdf - 1 MB) in German language

The "Office for Inclusion" of the Lebenshilfe Schleswig-Holstein
Rainer Dillenberg (Lebenshilfe Schleswig-Holstein, Germany)
Speech of Rainer Dillenberg, Gerda Behrens, Karin Ullmann (pdf - 648.5 KB) in German language

Closing session
Moderator: Ralph Jones (New Zealand)
Video presentation of the Congress

Announcement of the inclusion International General Assembly 2012, Washington DC, USA
N. N. (The Arc of the United States, USA)

The policy conclusions of the conference
Diane Richler (Presidentin of Inclusion International, Canada)
Speech of Diane Richler (pdf - 154.1 KB) in English language

„The way ahead of us …!“
Self-advocates and family members from the Council of Inclusion International

Ensuring social inclusion for all
Robert Antretter (President of Lebenshilfe, Germany)

Committed to the future – Inclusion Europe's policy priorities for the coming years
Ivo Vykydal (President-elect of  Inclusion Europe, Czech  Republic)

Taking the UN convention to new levels
Klaus Lachwitz (President-elect of Inclusion International, Germany)

Art performance
RambaZamba All Stars (Deutschland)

RambaZamba All Stars. Foto: Hans D. Beyer

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