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Documentation of the presentations 18 June 2010

Workshop. Foto: Hans D. Beyer

Plenary session
Fight against social exclusion and poverty: What can the Convention achieve?
Moderator: Ivo Vykydal (Czech Republic)

Developing a vision of  a sustainable and inclusive world
Roberto Leal (Nicaragua)

Governmental action against poverty and social exclusion of people with intellectual disabilities and their families
N. N.

Europe's fight against poverty and social exclusion
Johan ten Geuzendam (Unit for the integration of people with disabilities, European Commission, Belgium)
Speech of Johan Ten Geuzendam (pdf - 314 KB) in English language

Advancing the UN Millenium Development Goals in the face of global economic meltdown
Dr. Manfred Wiebelt (Institute for Global Economyt, Germany)
Speech of Dr. Manfred Wiebelt (pdf - 369.6 KB) in German language


Focus session 4.1: 
Disability-focused development cooperation as a contribution to the fight against poverty and exclusion of people with disabilities and their families
Moderator: Connie Laurin-Bowie (Canada)

An example in the fight against poverty: the Panama project of  Inclusion International
Manuel Campos (Director of SENADIS, Panama);
Diane Richler (president of Inclusion International, Canada)
Speech of Manuel Campos und Diane Richler (pdf - 632.5 KB)in English language

Inclusion of disabled people in development cooperation
Ingar Düring (GTZ, Germany)
Speech of Ingar Düring (pdf - 663.3 KB)in German language

Disability-inclusive development programming - lessons from three continents
Jazz Shaban (Senior Disability Policy Advisor, World Vision, United Kingdom)
Speech of Jazz Shaban (pdf - 647 KB) in English language

Focus session  4.2:
Employment and jobs for people with intellectual disabilities
Moderator: Prof. Dr. Theo Klauß (Germany)

Supported employment: Strategie ans experiences
Christy Lynch (Kare, Irleand)

A workshop becomes inclusive: Best practices from Bamberg
Kuno Eichner (Lebenshilfe Bamberg, Germany)
Speech Kuno Eichner (pdf - 1.4 MB) in German language

The International Labour Organisation promotes employment for people with disabilities
Barbara Murray (Manager disability Programme, ILO, Switzerland)
Speech of Barara Murray (pdf - 315.2 KB) in English language

Focus session 4.3:
Harnessing financial resources for our actions against poverty and social exclusion
Moderator: Nagase Osamu (Japan)

Economics for inclusion! How companies can offer diversity ... and benefit from it!
Prof. Aikihiko Matsui (Japan)
Speech of Prof. Aikihiko Matsui (pdf - 536.9 KB) in English language

Fundraising in difficult times
Maureen Piggot (Mencap, United Kingdom)
Speech of Maureen Piggot (pdf - 398.2 KB) in English language

Fokussitzung 4.4:
Living independently in the community
Moderator: David Corner (New Zealand)

Housing as a keystone for social inclusion
Richard Ruston (People First, Canada)
Speech of Richard Ruston (pdf - 399.1 KB) in English language

Your own home and the right support
Stuart Rigg (Advanced Housing and Support, United Kingdom)
Speech of Stuart Rigg (pdf - 1.1 MB)in English language

Living and working independently
Ariel Weisleder Grynspan (Mexico)
Speech of Ariel Weisleder Grynspan (pdf - 1.9 MB) in Spanish language

Fokus session 4.5: 
Friendships, social life and recreation – key to participation in society
Moderator: Wolfgang Orehounig (Austria)

Moving towards inclusive urban communities
Jerry McNamara (FRANS Inc., Australia)
Speech of Jerry McNamara (pdf - 1.1 MB) in English language

A life for environmental protection
Gerhard Bernhardt; Detlef Hanke (Germany)
Speech of Gerhard Bernhardt und Detlef Hanke (pdf - 2 MB) in German language
Statement of Gerhard Bernhardt (pdf - 105.3 KB) in German language

Volunteer engagement of people with intellectual disabilities
Armin Herzberger; Erika Schmidt (Lebenshilfe Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany)
Speech of Armin Herzberger und Erika Schmidt (pdf - 1 MB) in German language

Additionally you can see these films:

Fokus session 4.6: 
The Goldstein Studio: Inclusion through art
Chair: Christiane Cuticchio (Germany)


Towards full citizenship: How can the Convention move inclusion forward in different areas of life?
Moderator: David Corner (New Zealand)

Overview of legal capacity in the different areas of life
Sue Swenson (USA)
Speech of Sue Swenson (pdf - 1.3 MB) in English language

Death by indiffernece: A campaign for equal access to health care
Mark Goldring (Mencap, United Kingdom)
Speech of Mark Goldring (pdf - 524 KB) in English language

Access to education: Education for all!
Kenneth Eklindh (UNESCO, Chief of the Section for Early Childhood Care and Education, France)

The  challenge of the UN Convention to national right systems
Peter Masuch (President of the Federal Social Court, Germany)
Speech of Peter Masuch (pdf - 274.7 KB) in German language

Workshop 5.A:
Friendships, social life and recreation
(continuation of the Focus session 4.5)
Moderator: Wolfgang Orehounig (Austria)

Workshop 5.P1:
Towards full citizenship: How can we move inclusion forward in different areas of life? (continuation of Plenary 5)
Moderator: David Corner (New Zealand)

Workshop 5.P2: 
Community building as an essential element for inclusion
Moderator: Sonja Uhlmann (Spain)

Challenges and strategies for building inclusive communities in India
Pramila Balasundaram (SAMADHAN, India)
Speech of Pramila Balasundaram (pdf - 882 KB) in English language

The Scouts movement: Inclusion in a youth organisation
Prof. Dr. Reinhard Markowetz (Catholic University of Freiburg, Germany)
Speech of Prof. Dr. Markowetz (pdf - 3.1 MB) in German language

General assembly
Inclusion Europe Annual General Assembly
Chairperson: Ingrid Körner (Germany)

Workshop 5.P4: 
Equal access to health
Moderator: Prof. Germain Weber (Austria)

Promoting healthy life styles for people with intellectual disabilities
Frieda Finlay (Inclusion Ireland, Ireland); Mandy Finlay (Inclusion Ireland, Ireland)

Is alcohol a problem? Prevention of addiction in adults with intellectual disabilitiesby using the  DIDAK-Programme
Marja Kretschmann-Weelink (DIDAK Projekt, Germany)
Speech of Marja Kretschmann-Weelink (pdf - 1.2 MB) in German language

Health and rehabilitation
Peter Martin (Deutschland)
Speech of Dr. Peter Martin (pdf - 890.9 KB) in German language

Workshop 5.P5: 
Achieving quality: Rights- and value-based service provision
Moderator: Prof. Dr. Theo Klauß (Germany)

Evaluation of services: good practices of evaluation by people with disabilities, families and professionals
Walburga Fröhlich; Harald Siebert (UNIQ Project, Atempo, Austria)
Speech of Walburga Fröhlich and Harald Siebert (pdf - 1.5 MB) in German language

Workshop 5.P6: 
Good practice in the field of secondary education and life-long learning
Moderator: David Towell (United Kingdom)

Best practice in the field of secondary education: An example from Denmark
Dan R. Schimmell (The LEV National association,  Denmark);
Rinze Van der Goot (Ministry of Education, Denmark);
Tina Petersen (Member of the Danish Parliament, Denmark)

Best practice from the University of Tokyo
Nagase Osamu (Inclusion Japan, Japan)

Workshop 5.P7: 
Sharing the  UN Convention spirit and content with society
Moderatorin: Maria Carmen Malbran (Argentina)

Mass medi and e-campaigning: Their role and value in the implementation of the Convention
Alejandra Laiton (Inclusion Europe, Belgia)
Speech of Alejandra Laiton (pdf - 1.4 MB) in English language

Mobilizing community support: The Mexican experience
Raquel Jelinek (CONFE, Mexico)
Speech of Raquel Jelinek (pdf - 1.3 MB) in English language

Learning to use mass media in campaigning for the rights of people with learning disabilities and their families
Anna MacQuarrie (CACL, Canada)

Workshop 5.P8: 
Ethical changes for the future
Moderator: Dr. Bernhard Conrads (Germany)

Biotechnologies and scientific research: An opportunity and a danger for people with disabilities
Prof. Dr. Jeanne Nicklas-Faust (Evangelische Fachhochschule Berlin, Germany)
Speech of Prof. Dr. Jeanne Nicklas-Faust (pdf - 379.2 KB) in German language

Ethical aspects in planning research projects from the perspective of people with disabilities
Dr. Katrin Grüber (Institut Mensch, Ethik und Wissenschaft, Germany)

Workshop 5.P9: 
Full citizenship
Moderator: Mia Farah (Lebanon)

Participation of people with intellectual disabilities in European elections
Katrina Ward (Inclusion Europe, Belgium); Alain Pasquier (Nous Aussi, France)
Speech of Katrina Ward and Alain Pasquier (pdf - 1.6 MB) in French language

Promoting inclusion at regional  level
André Gubbels (AWIPH, Belgium)
Speech of André Gubbels (pdf - 690 KB) in English language

Workshop 5.P10: 
Gender and intellectual disability
Moderator: Ramona Günther (Germany)

Gender and intellectual disability: Improving the situation of women with intellectual disabilities
Brigitte Faber (Weibernetz, Germany)
Speech of Brigitte Faber (pdf - 841.6 KB) in German language

Having children – a right for all?  People with intellectual disabiliies who have children
Alessandro Nasini; Brigitte Klos (Germany)

Workshop 5.P12:
Chair: Bernhard König (Germany)
Matthias Buck (Member of the Württembergische Philharmonie, Reutlingen, Germany);
Jürgen Klein (Piano, Musician of the BAFF, Reutlingen, Germany)

Accompagnato. Foto: Hans D. Beyer

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